The DAO Anthology is live! You can purchase a physical zine or a physical zine PLUS an onchain record here.

Release | Quorum
An experiment in the co-creation of crypto media online, onchain, and in print

We're doing a super limited run of these: 400 physical copies and 44 onchain records + physical copy bundles.

So if you want a copy, make sure to get one ASAP!

What's inside 👀.......

GO FORTH into the world and get your physical and onchain copy of the best articles in the DAO space :)

You'll want to get it before they sell out!

And once you get yours, listen to Brandon and I chat about the making of the Anthology in the podcast here.

Leveling Up Your Brand Collabs in Web3, Insights From Crypto Conferences, and The New DAO Anthology Launch | Brandon and Sam
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