I'm excited to announce that another collector's edition of the DAO Anthology just went live! After the quick sell out of the first record, we decided to switch it up a bit and release a second record with a new cover and 144 editions.

This record has a new, colorful cover, but still comes with an NFT and a print zine.

Release | Quorum
An experiment in the co-creation of crypto media online, onchain, and in print

Why you should grab a DAO Anthology

  1. It's limited edition. Once we sell out of the 444 physical zines, we're out.
  2. It's a great way to have your favorite DAO articles in print on your bookshelf or nightstand.
  3. You can discover new articles and writers with fresh perspectives.
  4. It's an adorable mini newspaper that's easy to transport. It's perfect for summer reading poolside, deckside, beachside, mountainside, and cityrooftopside (made that one up). It's a perfect size to comfortably read on the subway, in an airplane, in the park, or literally anywhere!
  5. It gives you a nice break from bluelight.
  6. It's 64 pages of beautiful color graphics and articles designed by Daniel from Something or Other.
  7. Because the future of web3 media is here :)

Already grabbed a copy? Let me know what the process of minting and purchasing was like. You can send feedback by replying to this newsletter.

We'll return to our regularly scheduled newsletter programming soon! Thank you for being here <3